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About us

We are your specialist staffing provider

Locums Today is founded on the understanding that sometimes no matter the level of good and forward planning, unexpected staffing shortfalls are inevitable. Our Clients operate in fast changing and increasingly unpredictable environments and so need a supplier who after all the good planning and forward thinking has been done, can help to meet unforeseen needs or those still not met at the eleventh hour.

Our Brands

We are your specialist staffing provider

Doctors Today

Doctors Today is part of Locums Today Group, focusing on the provision of Doctors for urgent needs.

Nurses Today

Nurses Today is part of Locums Today Group, focusing on the provision of Nurses for urgent needs.

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AHPs Today

AHPs Today is part of Locums Today Group, focusing on the provision of Allied healthcare professionals.

Locums Dentist Logo Icons with Trans BG-04

Dentist Today

Dental Professionals Today is part of Locums Today Group, focusing on the provision of Dental Professionals.


Our Simple Client
Onboarding Process:

We are your one stop supplier for all your healthcare professional staffing needs, catering to ad-hoc requirements as well as longer term placements.

Initial conversation or meeting to discuss and understand typical needs.

Terms agreed and internal quality checks are completed.

Clients allocated a dedicated experienced Account Manager to oversee day-to-day service delivery.

Staffing Specialists proceed to promote Client opportunities to database of thousands of registered suitable professionals to gauge interest and availability.

Professionals are called upon the next time the Client has an urgent need.

Continuous service review.

Initial screening to confirm qualification and experience requirements.


Assigned dedicated recruitment personnel to support candidate Registration and Compliance.


Dedicated staffing specialist will work closely with candidates to discuss suitable opportunities within clients.


Dedicated staffing specialist will manage candidate availability to ensure the right opportunities are presented.


Candidate fulfils client matching requirements as presented by dedicated staffing specialists


Payment for services rendered with continued relationship and service review.



Our Simple Candidate
Onboarding Process:

We are your career support and maximisation partner. Whatever your healthcare specialty, our specialist staffing brands will work with you to present you with suitable opportunities that work for you.


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